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Tips for New Hearing Aid Users

With 10 million people in the UK suffering from some form of hearing loss, the use of hearing aids is more popular than ever. We know that losing your hearing can be a frightening and challenging time, and it’s important to make your transition to using a hearing aid as smooth as possible. If you’ve […]
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Best Hearing Aids 2019 – Top Brands & Styles

With more brands and styles available than ever before, choosing the right hearing aid can be a challenging decision. If you’re a new hearing aid user, you’re likely to have many questions surrounding which hearing aid will be best for you. Or, perhaps you’ve been wearing a hearing aid for a while and are wondering […]
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The Benefits of Private Hearing Aids

Whether you’re choosing your first hearing aid or looking for an upgrade, deciding between buying a hearing aid privately or through the NHS can be a difficult choice. Read on to learn more about the benefits of private hearing aids – from shorter waiting times to modern design and the latest technology, private hearing aids […]