Starkey’s Livio AI – Track Brain, Body and Health

The Livio AI hearing aid by Starkey is the world’s first hearing aid that delivers excellent sound quality alongside tracking body and brain health. Utilising integrated sensors and artificial intelligence, Starkey have created a multi-purpose hearing aid that will help to improve your general health and well-being.

Read on to find out more about the Livio AI and its benefits to discover if it may be the right hearing aid for you.

Thrive App

The Thrive Hearing App is designed to be used with the Livio AI. It allows you to monitor Healthable Technology and experience convenient Information Assistance features.

The Livio AI allows you to easily make adjustments to your hearing aid wherever you go. Using the Thrive Hearing App, you can control your listening environments for excellent hearing performance. Additionally, the Thrive app also allows you to monitor your daily steps, heart rate and more.

Find out more about the Livio AI’s hearing performance benefits, Healthable Technology and Information Assistance below.

Hearing Performance

The Livio AI delivers an optimized hearing experience. Featuring new Hearing Reality technology, it is designed to be highly effective in noisy environments. This will allow you to hear speech comfortably, letting you enjoy your daily life in busy areas. In addition, the Livio AI also suppresses unwanted noises. This makes your hearing experience feel more natural, as the hearing aid provides high sound quality, listening clarity and effortless transitions.

Alongside enhanced hearing performance, the Livio AI has a host of features that will slot seamlessly into your lifestyle. Enjoy the following with the Livio AI:

  • Rechargeable – The Livio AI comes with Starkey’s Hearing Technologies Charger. This contains enough power to provide portable charging three times.

  • Streaming – Easily connect to your smartphone, TV or media device and stream everything from phone calls to voice assistants.

  • Phone Calls – Easily answer calls to your smartphone and stream your conversation to your hearing aid via Bluetooth technology.

  • Personalized Memories – Use the Thrive App to create custom memories that can even be geotagged.

  • Remote Control – The Thrive App features a remote control that enables you to adjust volume and switch memories on your hearing aid straight from your smartphone.

Healthable Technology

As well as delivering excellent sound quality, the Livio AI also allows you to track your physical activity. You can track your steps and overall movement, helping you live a healthy lifestyle. The Livio AI also features Brain Tracking – using sensors, artificial intelligence and the Thrive app, this hearing aid measures how many hours you wear it, your social engagement and active listening to deliver a Brain score. This subsequently provides you with an assessment of your overall health and well-being.

A further benefit of the Livio AI is its Fall Detection and Alerts feature. Using its integrated sensors, the Livio AI can detect when you fall and send an alert message to a contact of your choice.

Information Assistance

The Information Assistance benefits of the Livio AI range from delivering translations to a Find My Hearing Aid feature. Furthermore, the Livio AI allows you to capture and transcribe conversations, check how your hearing aid is performing with the Self Check option and use the Thrive Assistant to discover helpful information about your hearing aid.

Contact Us to Learn More

Now available at Avid Hearing, the Livio AI delivers high performance sound quality alongside improving your general well-being. If you’re searching for a new or replacement hearing aid that will fit a busy lifestyle, this may be the perfect fit for you. We can provide more information about the Livio AI and whether it will be suited to your needs.

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