Introducing Oticon Opn S Hearing Aids

Hearing aid users can sometimes struggle to hear clearly in noisy environments. The new Opn S hearing aid by Oticon tackles this important issue. By providing speech understanding that’s on par with normal hearing, it helps you join conversations in difficult listening environments. This hearing aid provides 360° sound, is easily rechargeable and helps to eliminate feedback. The Opn S also slots seamlessly into your lifestyle, easily connecting to your phone and other electronic devices.

Read on to discover how the Opn S hearing aid works, and the host of benefits it can deliver. If you’re looking for a new hearing aid with excellent technology and that works well with a busy lifestyle, the Opn S could be the right model for you.

360° Sound Experience

The Opn S features groundbreaking technology, shifting the focus from one to multiple speakers. Traditionally, most hearing aids have concentrated on the speaker in front of you when dealing with noisy situations. However, the Opn S features multiple speakers and puts you in charge of the sounds you want to focus on. This therefore allows you to understand speech more clearly and with less effort.

The Opn S also uses BrainHearing technology that scans your environment 100 times per second. Consequently, this reduces your listening effort and makes it easier to remember more of what’s being said. Moreover, it also helps to improve how well you can follow conversations with more than one speaker. This makes it ideal for listening and understanding in busy environments.


Enjoy a full day’s power, every day. The discreet miniRite R model provides a full day of power from just three hours charge, making it a convenient choice for many hearing aid users. Plus, if you forget to charge your hearing aid a quick 30 minutes of charging will give you a further six hours of power.

Oticon rechargeable hearing aids fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. They can be plugged in at night for you to wake up to full power in the morning. Oticon also provide an easy to use hearing aid charger that can be connected to a power source from its integrated cable.

Say Goodbye to Feedback

The Opn S hearing aid features breakthrough technology that prevents feedback from occurring. Feedback normally happens when something is near your hearing aid (for example, putting a phone next to your ear). Oticon have eliminated this issue with the Opn S, meaning you can say goodbye to whistling sounds and enjoy a feedback-free hearing experience. 

Wearable Technology

The Opn S is more than just a hearing aid – it’s a piece of wearable technology that can be easily connected to a variety of devices. Enjoy a wide range of benefits from this device, including:

  • Hands-free calls – Using Oticon’s ConnectClip, you can make hands-free calls from your iPhone, Android or any other modern smartphone.

  • Listen to high-quality music – The Opn S easily transforms into a pair of high-quality wireless headphones, allowing you to stream music directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch. Music can also be streamed from any other modern smartphone using the wireless ConnectClip.

  • Stream sound from your TV – Enjoy sound straight from your TV to your hearing aid with the Oticon TV Adapter.


Oticon’s ConnectClip easily connects to a range of devices.The ConnectClip is a discreet microphone that connects wirelessly to your Opn S hearing aid. It delivers a variety of benefits, including hands-free calls, streaming music and video, a remote microphone and a remote control. The ConnectClip uses Bluetooth low energy to connect your hearing aid to your electronic devices, while also being a microphone that captures your speech. 

Available in a Range of Styles

The Opn S is available in four different hearing aid styles and a variety of colours – choose between the discreet miniRITE, the rechargeable miniRITE R, the miniRITE T that features a telecoil or the powerful BTE PP.

The Opn S is now available at Avid Hearing. Contact us to discuss if the Opn S might be the right hearing aid for you. You can also arrange a no obligation, free consultation and hearing health check. 


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