Frequently asked questions

Please feel free to contact us anytime with your questions. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions.
Why do my family say I don't hear well, yet I think I'm OK?
Hearing loss normally occurs gradually – it 'creeps up' on you, so it's common for others to notice it more than you do. Also, if you simply no longer hear certain sounds then you won't know you're missing them. A professional Hearing Assessment is a scientific measurement of you’re hearing and the only conclusive way of finding out what you can and cannot hear.
How long does a Hearing Consultation take?
Please allow around 60- 90 minutes for thorough consultation and discussion.
What if I don't need a Hearing Aid?
After a full hearing assessment if you don’t need a hearing aid then we will tell you, however, we do recommend that you have your hearing checked at least once a year.
How much does a Hearing Aid cost?
There are a wide range of prices starting from just £599. Our expertise enables us to tell you which ones are best suited to your hearing, lifestyle and cosmetic requirements. You can then choose what fits your budget and your preferences. 
Do I really need two Hearing Aids?
If both ears are affected by Hearing Loss then the best advice is to wear two hearing aids, after all, we are born with two ears and we spend our lives hearing with two ears, so why would you then only treat one ear? if you want to hear the best you can then you need two hearing aids, - just as you need two lenses in your glasses! If only one ear is affected, then you only need one instrument. If you need two but choose one then fine - but it will obviously limit the result you get and that's a choice you can make in the knowledge of the limitations.
Do Hearing Aids give me perfect hearing again?
The answer to this is, unfortunately, no, however, we can improve on the hearing you have left using the latest technology.
Can hearing aids get “rid” of background noise?
No – our own ears cannot get rid of background noise! the best Hearing Aids seek to enhance speech whilst filtering noise. In extreme noise, nobody can hear perfectly and people with reduced hearing can find it extremely difficult – but with the best Hearing Aids, hearing speech in noise can be significantly easier.
Why should I buy privately at all - I can get everything from the NHS?
The NHS does a very good job with what they have available. We can offer the very latest digital hearing aid technology, styles and accessories. We have no waiting lists, no clinic queues and we can even visit you in your own home.