Can Earwax Build-Up Cause Hearing Loss?

If you’re experiencing temporary or partial hearing loss in one ear, you may be concerned that a build-up of earwax is the cause. While hearing loss can be caused by a variety of factors, earwax build-up can impact the ear canal and cause a blockage, leading to problems with your hearing in the affected ear. Blockages can also be uncomfortable, painful and lead to infection if not properly treated. Luckily, earwax build-up is easily treatable and your hearing can be restored with the correct treatment.

Read on to discover how earwax build-up relates to hearing loss, the causes and symptoms and how we can help you remove this.

Earwax Build-Up and Hearing Loss

Earwax is a normal substance that we all have within our ears. It helps to keep our ears clean, protects the lining of the ear canal and fights against infection. Normally, earwax passes through our ears naturally without causing us any problems. However, occasionally too much earwax can become hard and cause a blockage. This blockage can lead to issues such as temporary hearing loss, earache and infections, meaning there’s a chance your hearing issues could be attributed to a wax build-up.

Be aware that hearing loss is not always caused by earwax build-up, and you should always visit your audiologist if you’re experiencing issues with your hearing.

Causes of Earwax Build-Up

Earwax is likely to cause blockages when too much of it is produced, which some people are more prone to than others. Build-up can also be caused by inserting objects into your ears – for example, using a cotton bud for cleaning can push the wax further into your ears and create a blockage. Frequently using earbuds can also stimulate earwax build-up, as these can block the canal and lead to earwax not being able to pass through the ears. Being elderly, having naturally narrow ear canals and producing harder ear wax are all other factors that can increase your risk of experiencing earwax build-up.

Symptoms of Earwax Build-Up

Symptoms of earwax build-up can include:

  • Temporary hearing loss

  • Earache

  • Tinnitus (a ringing or buzzing in the ear)

  • Itchiness

  • Cough

  • Feeling of fullness in the ear

If you experience any of the above issues, consult your audiologist for advice. They may recommend earwax removal if they suspect a build-up is the cause of your symptoms. You can contact us to discuss our professional earwax removal service, and how we can help get your hearing health back to its best.

Prevention and Removal of Earwax

Not everyone will be able to prevent earwax build-up, as some people will produce more of this than others. However, to try and keep you ears healthy and in good condition, avoid using objects like cotton buds to clean your ears. These should be used on the outside of the ears only, and a wet cloth can be used to clean the ear gently.

If you think that you have a build-up of wax or are experiencing build-ups regularly, the safest way to remove these is through a professional earwax removal service. While at-home kits are available, these risk making the issue worse – you may accidentally perforate your ear drum or scrape your ear canal, causing serious damage to your ear. At Avid Hearing, we use the latest earwax removal technologies to provide a modern and safe process with incredible results. Contact us to arrange an appointment and discuss how we can improve your hearing health.

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